The Things That Matter

Every morning after I begin to sip my cup of spearmint tea I breathe slowly and reflect on the things that matter to me. I realize that we all chase many things in life but we forget to give value to the things that do matter. These things can not be bought with money. These are the things that are given to us at no cost. But once they are taken away from us, they are able to rob us of happiness and peace. When we no longer have these things is when we begin to realize how rich and fortunate, we were to have them. Why do we always value and cherish what is taken away from us? Why not value it while we still have those things or people in our life? People confuse the things that matter with monetary objects but that is not what I am talking about. I referring to the basic things in life like breathing fresh air, drinking a cool glass of water or being able to have a delicious meal 3 or more times a day. These are the things that should matter. The basic things for our own survival.

We at times get too caught up with wanting to be in trend. We want to upgrade our phones, house, car and clothes. But why not upgrade our thoughts and be more appreciative and grateful. We are always trying to compete with others to show off our material world. That my friends will not accompany you once you are no longer on this planet. Instead opt to focus on the amazing things God has given us that don’t cost us one penny. Cherish your loved ones. Cherish your blessings. Stop worrying about gossip and criticism and instead be grateful for what you have. Stop worrying about the thing you can not change. Forget about the things you don’t have now and redirect your attention to the things that fulfill your heart.

I will write of list of things that matter to me and perhaps these things also matter to you but you have not put much thought into it.

  1. Food
  2. Air
  3. Health
  4. A roof over my head
  5. birds
  6. My dogs
  7. Books
  8. Family
  9. Friends

I can go on and on. The more we focus on the things that matter- the longer the list grows!!!

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