Dream Green-The Power Of Smoothies

I hated vegetables and I hardly ate fruit! Now that’s all I have. I dream of greens! Okay but before I get even more excited let me back up a bit and do some explaining. In the United States more and more people suffer from constipation and other digestive issues. The problem is that we are not consuming enough rich plant fiber foods. The first thing most of us do, I included, is run to the pharmacy to get some sort of supplement or “drug” to help us with any health issue we might have. Instead of doing this why not change the way we eat? The answer- because it’s easier said than done. It is always much easier to pop a pill in our mouth than to prepare wholesome foods on a daily basis. Yes, at first cooking and meal prepping can be an excruciating chore but the benefits outweigh the work.

I completely understand that we are very busy and have no time to think about what we will eat. That’s why we have coffee for breakfast, a sandwich with chips for lunch and pizza for dinner. What we don’t fully understand is that with time these bad habits will have a toll on our health.

This is why I am encouraging you to change the way you eat. The only thing I am asking you to do is to change the way you start your day. Almost everyone states that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Why is that? It is the most important meal of your day because it sets up your mood and energy for the rest of the day. If I were to start my morning with heavy and processed foods, I would probably feel pretty lethargic through out the day. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Have you felt this way too?

This is why I love to start my day with a huge smoothie made with fruits and vegetables. It is the best way to start your day. You are starting you day with foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. Since this is very light breakfast you will help your digestive system process the food more efficiently.  No pill will never replace this!  Many people I have talked to are afraid of smoothies because of the taste. If all you put in your smoothie is kale and water, then yes, it will taste awful! If you combine veggies with fruit and a bit of coconut water the taste will be amazing.  You can put whatever vegetable and fruit you prefer. The important thing here is to start adding more of these nutritious plant sources into your diet.

There are many benefits to making yourself a green smoothie every day for health!

  1. You will add more vegetable even the ones you hate to your diet! By adding them to your smoothie you don’t have to sit there and chew threw it while gagging at the same time.
  2. You will experience better bowel movements (You will have a flatter belly yay!!)
  3. You will be giving your body nutrients first thing in the morning.
  4. You will experience more energy!
  5. You skin health will improve. You will have glowing skin.
  6. Your hair health will also improve.
  7. You can take your smoothie to go too!
  8. Fruits and vegetables are available almost everywhere so you can have a smoothie!
  9. Budget friendly
  10. Your children can have them too

As you can realize the benefits of smoothies are many. I didn’t even mention all of the great things that a smoothie can contribute into your life. Now like with anything in life, change takes time. There are a few things that I must warn you before you start. More than likely you will experience some resistance once you begin to change your coffee and bagel for a green smoothie. When I first began to replace my usual oats and eggs for smoothies, I was hungry and irritated. This is normal! I would be worried if you didn’t feel this way. The simple solution is to carry with you, healthy snacks such as nuts or veggies with hummus. When you start to drink green smoothies, your body will begin to cleanse your inside. Yes, it can be referred to as a detox. In the beginning it can be quite uncomfortable. I suggest that you start slow. If its necessary for you to have your normal breakfast after your smoothie, do it. But eventually your body will let you know that a smoothie is enough. Don’t give up!

Disclaimer- I am not a doctor nor nutritionist. I advise that you get seen by a professional before starting any diet changes or exercise program.

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