Book Worm

Since I can remember, I have loved to read. Reading fascinates and relaxes me so much. To read is to be able to travel to different worlds without leaving your couch. I fell in love with reading at a very young age because I grew attached to the many benefits it has given me. And because I love to read so much, I always encourage others to do the same. You don’t have to read anything that is complicated nor boring. You can read anything that interests you!! That’s the fun part about reading- it can be a fun experience if you read what you love. There are often times when I have been asked to read material that is not very appealing but it has helped me in other ways. The many benefits of reading are many such as better memory, expanded vocabulary and the ability to speak better. Reading is food for the brain!! You don’t even need to read for hours. It has been proven by studies that reading as little as 20 minutes a day improves your cognitive skills. That is amazing!!

We need to do less screen time and read more. As adults we can be stuck with our busy life but if we manage to read for a short amount of time daily, we will reap the benefits. Besides the benefits I mentioned you will also continue to learn and expand your knowledge. The more you know the more valuable you become to the world!

Unfortunately, there are still people in this time and era that do not know how to read nor write. I always see reading as a privilege and blessing because decades ago this was prohibited. Only men or people with money were the privileged ones to be educated. Women nor most minority groups were not allowed to learn such things. Many people learned to read and write in secret out of fear to be caught. Those who were caught were severely punished. This is why we should rejoice that we are able to read! We should choose to honor those who longed to learn to read but were not able to. 

You don’t need to spend money to read. You can go a library and borrow a book for free. You can also download free e-books on the internet. Or you can borrow books from a friend. There are many ways to incorporate reading into your daily routine without paying.  Everyone should be reading including young children! Motivate and encourage the younger ones to pick up a book and read. Change begins with knowledge. Be that change. Read daily! Start Today!!

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